TEI provides extensive cabling systems for commercial projects

TEI provides extensive cabling systems for commercial projects

TEI makes installing cable and cable trays easy!  For more info on how TEI can help with your commercial electrical projects, give us a call today!Commercial Electrical Projects

Pulling 45,000 feet of cable is no easy task.  But, when you add heights of 20-60 feet, winter weather, and high winds, you need a reliable project partner to get the job done.  That’s why TEI Electrical Solutions (TEI) was selected as the strategic electrical contractor partner for Graymont when the project at their Pleasant Gap, Pennsylvania location needed to be completed.  With an accelerated schedule requirement, and in collaboration with the Tri-M Group, TEI helped complete this project on-time and on-budget.


Efficient Installation

This project required TEI to find the most efficient method to install 2,500 feet of cable tray on conveyor walkways in a five-story building.  Once the tray was installed, the TEI team pulled 45,000 feet of cable from the conveyer to an electric room, then to the building.   TEI made all the connections to the motor control center along with different devices along the conveyors.


Since 2001, TEI Construction has established a reputation for innovation and experience!  TEI works with clients, contractors, developers, architects, engineers, and facilities managers to deliver electrical and specialty construction services.  The firm is a proud member of the local Associated Builders & Contractors Association (ABC) Baltimore Metro Chapter and has received numerous Excellence & Merit awards along with Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP) awards for their safety and quality work.


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