Prefabrication Services with TEI Electrical Solutions

Benefits of TEI Prefabrication

  • Save Time
  • Ensure Safety
  • Cut Labor Costs
  • Increase Control
  • Increase Quality
  • Maintains or Exceeds Project Schedules
  • Minimizes disruption to on-going operations
  • Just in-time delivery
  • Reduces on-site storage
  • Quicker installation


With the expertise we have to create custom drawings using 3-D CAD and Revit; we can give the client a visual image of exactly what they are receiving. Being able to assemble products beforehand helps increase quality and create an improved finished product.

During the pre-planning process we have the ability to use a scheduling software that enables us to look ahead and determine when our products need to be completed based off our clients deadlines. This will help eliminate late deliveries and storage problems on site. Clients will provide us with a delivery time for us to ensure that products are not lost or damaged on site due to lag time.


TEI Electrical Solutions is a company that cares about what we can do for you, not what you can do for us. Customer satisfaction is our biggest concern. We build it before you need it and deliver when you do need it. We offer on the job installation in order to minimize the disruption to you and your employees at the job site. We can even build and weld the frames for panels, transformers and other switchgear, so all that is left is to set them in place and turn it on!

Custom Drawing


TEI Electrical Solutions is able to prepare custom drawings that are associated to the specific job.


TEI Electrical Solutions design coordination team offers custom 3-D drawings of electrical rooms, pipes runs, cable tray runs, etc. With the use of Revit, we are able to coordinate our drawings with other contractors so when the job is ongoing, there is not interference with different trades.