TEI works with Howard County DPW on emergency power project

TEI works with Howard County DPW on emergency power project

Proper planning is critical when working with a 24/7 emergency power project. To find out more on this project and TEI, contact us today!When Howard County’s Little Patuxent Wastewater Reclamation Plant (LPWRP) embarked on an emergency power generation project, they selected TEI Electrical Solutions (TEI) to assist them with the delicate process of replacing current systems, while keeping the treatment plant operational.

Strategic Approach

“This project had some very unique circumstances that required a lot of planning, collaboration, and coordination. The winter weather provided its own challenges. So, TEI had to be very strategic in our approach, to anticipate any challenges and keep the plant up and running. We also provided aerial photos of the project to the County, as the project progressed,” noted Tom Akers, Project Manager at TEI.

TEI provided a variety of services including:

• Replacing the existing 13.2 KV main service switchgear
• Installation of three (3) new 2.5 MW generators and fuel tanks
• Building infrastructure for generators
• Setting MicroPiles for generator pad support
• Concrete pads and vault
• New 480-volt substation
• Replacement of six existing 13.2KV and two new 13.2KV feeders from main service switchgear to substations
• Removed two (2) existing substations for the location of the new generators and substation
• Re-feed five (5) double ended Motor Control Centers from existing substation to new substation, and installation of a new storm drain.

Professional and Exceptional

Joshua Gliptis, of the Howard County Department of Public Works Bureau of Utilities, commented on the work performed by TEI, “We have been very pleased with the exceptional work performed by TEI on our recent emergency power generation project. Howard County was faced with a difficult task of adding backup power generation and replacing our existing dual utility switchgear at our Little Patuxent Wastewater Reclamation Plant (LPWRP). The LPWRP processes an average of 20 million gallons per day and power interruptions are at minimum a nuisance and at worst emergencies requiring quick action and extensive coordination to keep the processes from being upset and violating our discharge permit limitations. Despite the many challenges, TEI managed to navigate the construction with minimal delays and change orders. TEI always felt like a partner with Howard County’s interests in mind. Your Project Manager and Superintendent were extremely professional and a true pleasure throughout the project. The entire TEI crew demonstrated hard work, safety, skill, and professionalism at all times.”

If you have emergency power requirements, contact the experts at TEI! Let them put their experience and innovation to work for your organization!