Nelson Kohl Apartments

20 E Lanvale Street Baltimore, MD 21202

GC: Kinsley Construction

Nelson Kohl Apartments

An apartment building designed, inside and out, to pay homage to the arts and entertainment district in which it sits. It’s a collection of many elements — metal, glass, wood, whimsy, design, texture, color, people—life. Surrounded by art, music, restaurants, bars, movie theaters and one of the world’s premiere art colleges. When you live here, you can paint your own canvas-differently every day.

TEI Electrical Solutions was the subcontractor for Kinsley Construction and were responsible for the installation of electrical, fire alarm, security, wireless network and CCTV for the 8 story 103 residential unit apartment building. We worked closely with Kinsley & the Nelson Kohl team to value engineer the lighting package while maintaining the high end appearance the owner required. “A few challenges we faced on this project was the tight site, existing utilities and multi-level material handling. Communication between the teams on-site was instrumental in hitting our completion dates.” Randy Horner, TEI Electrical Solutions Project Manager.

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