JHU Community Psychiatry

Baltimore, MD


GC: Whiting-Turner

JHU Community Psychiatry

The new Johns Hopkins University Community Psychiatry, designed by Design Collective of Baltimore, is a 70,000 square foot single floor medical facility located on East Lombard Street in Baltimore. Before the start of the construction process, the space was an empty cold dark shell with an existing 4,000 amp electrical service.

Whiting-Turner contracted TEI Electrical Solutions to install the electrical systems that included lighting, power distribution and a state of the art fire alarm system. We also provided raceways for a communication system provided as part of a separate contract.

The project had a large and sophisticated fixture package consisting of over 1,400 lights controlled up by over 750 occupancy sensor devices connected together as a system by over 23,000 linier feet of cable. Power requirements included 84-ground fault circuit interrupters, 560-duplex receptacles and 238-quad receptacles along with 12 floor boxes that required 3,000 linier feet of PVC conduit to be installed under the concrete slab. There were 22,000 linier feet of 12/2 mc cable installed to provide power. In addition, there was 33,645 linier feet of ¾” EMT conduit installed for this project, with a total of 220,215 linier feet of solid THHN copper wire.

For the power distribution requirements, we provided and installed fourteen electrical panels and seven transformers all fed from the existing 4000 amp switchgear. The fire alarm system consisted of 220 signaling devices and 26 initiating devices all connected to the main panel by over 6,400 linier feet of cable.

TEI Electrical Solutions installed a total of 2,150 linier feet of basket cable tray and installed 426 communication data drops that required 5,200 feet of 1” conduit to complete.

The planned total construction duration was an aggressive eight months that the Whiting-Turner team and TEI Electrical Solutions were able to achieve with effective planning and cooperation with the other trades and with the dedicated staff from Johns Hopkins.