Howard County Generators  

8900 Greenwood Place Savage, MD 20763

Power Upgrades
Owner: Howard County DPW 
Contact:  Josh Gliptis
Title:  Project Manager 
Address: 8250 Old Montgomery Rd,      Columbia, MD 21045
Phone: 410-313-0536  
Level Of Authority: Prime Contractor  

Howard County Generators

Howard County Generators, a treatment plant, located in Savage, Maryland was awarded to TEI as a prime. The description of services provided by TEI entailed: replacement of the main service switchgear, installation of three new 2.5MW 13.2 KV generators, fuel tanks, and replacement of feeders from the main service switchgear to three (3) substations. The plant was fully operational during the time of construction. The project was awarded on September 21, 2014 and is to be completed in October 2015. The description of work that was performed by TEI entailed: replacing the existing 13.2 KV main service switchgear, installation of three (3) new 2.5 MW generators and fuel tanks, infrastructure for generators, set MicroPiles for generator pad support, concrete pads and vault, new 480volt substation, replacement of six existing 13.2KV and two new 13.2KV feeders from main service switchgear to substations, removed two(2) existing substations for the location of the new generators and substation, re‐ feed five (5) double ended Motor Control Centers from existing substation to new substation, and installation of a new storm drain. The percentage of work completed by subcontractors was 25% which included the concrete work, site work, catwalks and micro piles. The complexity of this job was replacing the main service switchgear with the new switchgear to the same location while keeping the treatment plant operational.

Highlight of Howard County Generators

Very complex project that required complete dismantling of the primary service that feeds this facility that resided in the same location for all new equipment

Detailed scope of work:

  • Replaced existing 13.2 KV Main Service SWGR
  • Bus duct
  • Duct banks for generators, substation & Motor Control Centers
  • Installed 3 new 2.5 MW 13.2 KV Generators, Fuel tanks & new infrastructure for generators
  • Installed MicroPiles for generator pad support
  • Concrete Pads and Vault
  • New 480v Substation
  • Replace 6 existing 13.2 KV and 2 new 13.2 KV feeders from Main service SWGR to substations
  • Demo 2 existing substations for location of new generators and substation
  • Re‐feed 5 double ended Motor Control Centers from existing substation to new substation
  • Install new storm drain