Green Leaf Medical

Frederick, MD


GC: Morgan Keller

Green Leaf Medical

Maryland’s first legal medical marijuana crop is growing as the seeds of the medical marijuana program have literally been planted. In the coming months the plants will flower in a heavily secured facility in Frederick, Maryland where they will be harvested and then processed into oils, creams and capsules for purchase on dispensary shelves.

Green Leaf’s staff needs to wear sunglasses as when they walk into the “flower” room, which blazes with golden light emanating from about 100 lightbulbs of 1,000 watts each. Green Leaf expects to have an annual power bill of about $500,000. It is estimated that Green Leaf will start by producing 320 pounds of marijuana a month.

Before the transformation into a medical marijuana growing facility the existing building was a printing plant. When the total project is completed, the new Green Leaf facility will cover a total of 41,000 square feet. A new 4,000 amp electrical service was provided from an existing power company source located approximately 200 feet from the building service entrance. TEI Electrical Solutions supplied and installed a Square D Powerlink power distribution system to control the lighting and the Argus environmental equipment, which controls the building temperature and humidity critical to the successful growth of the thousands of marijuana plants in various stages of growth throughout the building.

A major portion or TEI’s work was the installation of over 900 light fixtures, including 450 special grow lights throughout the newly renovated building. Also included was backup power critical to the success of the Green Leaf business and that backup has been provided by a 550 KW diesel generator with a large 1,000 gallon fuel tank.

TEI Electrical Solutions also provided connections to multiple small split system HVAC units mounted on the exterior grade and roof mounted condensing units and the interior air handling equipment. The project was completed within only seven months thanks to the expertise of Morgan Keller’s management and coordination between their team of top-notch subcontractors.