FDA Generators

10903 New Hampshire Ave Silver Spring, MD 20993

Power Upgrades
Owner: GSA
Contact: James Edmonds Jr.
Title: Sr. Project Manager
Phone: 301‐572‐6543  
Email: James.edmondsjr@gsa.gov  
GC: Honeywell
Level Of Authority: Major subcontractor (TEI)  

FDA Generators

The Food and Drug Administration building , in White Oak Maryland, recently added additional buildings to its campus. Honeywell was awarded this project as the general contractor and TEI was subcontracted as the electrical contractor. This fixed price contract took place on an occupied research lab campus. Our team managed to efficiently work through the different phases of construction to meet the required expectations and deadline for this project despite the harsh polar vortex winter and an unexpected amount of snow. The work provided by TEI included: installation of a 12.5 MW generator plant consisting of five generators, parallel switchgear, and transfer switches. The amount of work completed by subcontractors was 5%, which included excavation, concrete, rigging, and crane services. The description of work completed by TEI entailed: underground duct banks, interior GRC feeder conduit, primary cable feeders and termination, provided and installed generators, and transfer switches. Utilizing our prefab department allowed us to facilitate duct banks by building them indoors during the harsh winter. The complexity of this job was the coordination to keep the campus up and running while installing and intergrading transfer switches into the main 13.2 KV feeders supplying the campus during operational hours.

GC: Honeywell 
Contact: Steve Pellman
Title: Project Manager
Phone: 585‐694‐8184 
Email:  stevepellman@honeywell.com  

Highlight of FDA Generators

Overcame harsh winter conditions during which we experienced major difficulty while installing the duct banks due to the frozen ground. Project required coordination of power outages with many agencies operating on this campus.

Detailed scope of work:

  • Installation of a 12.5MW generator plant (consisting of 5 generators)
  • Parallel switchgear
  • Eight 13.2 KV 1200 amp transfer switches
  • 1,500 ft. of duct bank
  • 40,000 ft. of 15KV cable
  • 5,000 ft. of 4” GRC interior conduit