BG&E Fleet Services

7225 Windsor Blvd. Windsor Mill, MD 21244

GC: Mahogany, Inc.

BG&E Fleet Services

There comes a time in the life of any building when function and appearances need to be refreshed. That’s exactly what happened when Mahogany, Inc. took on the interior renovation project of 70,000 square feet of office, staff support spaces and garage areas for the BGE Fleet Building. TEI Electrical Solutions was awarded the electrical subcontract and was proud to work closely with the Mahogany team to transform the space into a fresh new space with exciting interiors full of vibrant colors! The office areas underwent major reconfiguration of walls and HVAC Systems along with new finishes and with new brighter energy efficient lighting fixtures.

To complete the renovations it was required that the offices be vacated. With the BGE office staff hindered by the need to function in a remote temporary location, while the renovation was taking place, it was imperative that the work be completed within a very limited schedule.

The renovations in the garage and staff support areas were completed while the spaces were occupied and fully functional. This required additional attention to detail that Mahogany’s team coordinated on a daily basis with the BGE staff. Safety was a significant focus while our crews changed out all of the light fixtures and worked with energized existing panels and new panels requiring that our electricians wear arc flash protection gear.